Huzi Infinity travel pillow

Huzi named its travel pillow ‘Infinity’ due to its closed loop design. But we think ‘Infinity’ here means ‘goodbye to uncomfortable traveling, back and neck pains – hello to the infinite comfort!” Huzi has changed the concept of travel pillows, having transformed a regular,  not-for-everyone U-shape pillow into a versatile Mobius-shape body support.

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

The pillow adjusts for the place you are in thanks to its adaptive layers. The base layer is firm and made of microfibers. It reduces pressure and helps muscles relax. The top layer is also made of microfibers. When you intertwine and expand the pillow, air pockets create softness and support. Bamboo fabric lets your skin breathe and balances the temperature.

On a trip

Huzi pillow has infinite possibilities. Whether you are on a long flight or commuting by public transport, make the waiting time a relaxing one. If you got a windows seat, roll a cushy cocoon and lean against it. If it is an aisle sit – loop the pillow around your neck, adjust the level of support to your comfort and enjoy the trip.

In the office

Huzi will boost your back support while working or studying at the desk. Relieve strained muscles in the lower back and keep a proper posture all day long. Or have ‘2 in 1’: wear the pillow as if it was a backpack and have both your neck and back supported. If you get to type a lot, put Huzi under your wrists to help prevent RSI. If allowed, use it to take a nap right at your workplace: fold the pillow and sink into the after lunch snooze.


The design allows you to twist, wrap and bundle Huzi to reach maximum comfort. Cancel all the noise and disturbing lights of the environment by looping the pillow around your eyes and ears. A perfect solution for people with a sensitive sleep!

Physical features

Weight: 600 g.  Size: 100 x 17 cm. Comes in set with a strap to keep the pillow compact – 24 x 16 x 16 cm when rolled. Antibacterial and machine washable.

Basically, Huzi is a perfect gift for everyone. It increases the quality of your sleep, makes your workplace more comfortable and allows you to snooze in almost any environment and position. To create a more relaxing and ambient atmosphere before the bedtime, check out Trenesca Bluetooth speaker bulb.