Hopsulator Trio
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Hopsulator Trio

Is there a beverage lover in your life? The Hopsulator Trio by BrüMate is a must-have gadget for this person. Whatever your presentee likes to lay near a pool, travel by car, or stay at home, this holder helps to keep the proper temperature of his drink.

Advantages of the Hopsulator Trio by BrüMate

Portable design

Many of us like cool drinks such as beer, iced coffee, lemonade or cola. But only lucky ones avoid long waiting until beverages will become the right temperature. Portable cooler Hopsulator Trio is a choice for that success. This gadget supports good rest and prevents the waste of money on ponderous kitchen equipment. From camping journeys to home hangouts, the Hopsulator Trio cooler by manufacturer BrüMate does not require lots of space both in a bag and in a house.

Huge capacity

Portable cooler Hopsulator Trio is designed for different types of cans. Due to the removable adapter, this gadget fits both standard sized 16 oz cans and mini 12 oz cans. The best part of that, the adapter is filled in with freezable arctic gel. So, it is able to make extra cooling for a beverage.

Right temperature for a long time

The Hopsulator Trio is covered twice with durable stainless steel. It also has an extra copper layer that helps to keep temperature during a long time. Unlike standard neoprene holders, the Hopsulator Trio provides 20 times better cooling.

Perfectly hot and cold

Do not leave the opportunity to give pleasure to family members, your friends, or colleges via portable cooler by BrüMate. The Hopsulator Trio keeps the appropriate temperature of drink until the last drop. This gadget is suitable both for cold and for hot drinks. The design with triple insulating layers helps with the same force to keep ice-lemonades, coffee, beer, tea or even hot soup.