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Home Waxing Kit

Silky skin an easy way

Most of the girls agree that the perfect look is impossible without healthy and clean skin, hair and nails. More often, a beauty basis takes away a huge amount of time every day. Also, it needs expensive care products and visits to a professional salon. However, there is a way to build a skincare routine at home. And removing unwanted hair would become one of the useful habits.

The Home Waxing Kit will be a discovery for women who are tired spend a lot of time shaving in the shower. It offers everything you need to start: a melting device with LED digital screen, hard wax beans with 4 different flavors (lavender, chamomile, sea mud, aloe), 20 applicator sticks.

Key features of Home Waxing Kit

Hypoallergenic formula

This home-using Waxing Kit perfectly works in sensitive and delicate body arias, such as the bikini line, face, and armpits. A special formula decreases discomfort and protects your skin from irritation and damages. The Wax kit includes 4 different skincare wax beans with natural extracts: purple — lavender, black — sea mud, dark blue — chamomile, green — aloe vera.

Ergonomic design, foolproof control

This beauty helper is useful both for beginners who try waxing at the first time and for advanced users. Thanks to the LCD display it helps to choose the correct temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Also, it melts wax easily. Moreover, it can remember the temperature settings. Just click a button once when you use it next time.

Safely for health

The Home Waxing Kit includes an electric warming device and wax pot. The body of this wax warmer is made of high-quality ABS material. It is nontoxic and 100% FDA approved. The pot is made of aluminum with Teflon coating and has a 500ml capacity. You can use it for different types of wax: beans or pellets, paraffin, film, bricks, etc.

Temperature control

The waxing kit uses the bottom heating technology, that is why it has a fast warming time. Also, it has temperature control technology which helps you to be ensured in safety for your skin. Thereby the wax beans can gain the best state to remove the hair without burning your skin.

Easy to use and clean

The Home Waxing Kit is a perfect kit for smooth and silky skin for weeks. It helps to make pro salon atmosphere at home. Please, use our recommendations to remove unwanted hair successfully and safely:

  • Test an allergic reaction before starting. Apply a small amount of wax on your elbow.
  • Check wax’s temperature to ensure it is not too hot before putting it on your skin. Pay attention: Use the special tools for the test. Do not test it with your finger!
  • Make sure that the pot is whole dry when you put the wax into it.
  • Use the wax immediately after the allergy test. The temperature of the wax affects the hair removal achievement.
  • Clean pot with wax solvent and a cotton pad or paper towel.