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Home DNA Test

Discover something new

Give yourself, your parents, siblings and other loved persons the ability to know something new about own family story. If you are deeply interested in your genealogy and ancestry, the Home DNA Test by AncestryDNA is a beneficial choice for enlarging your knowledge. It also will be suitable as a Christmas or Birthday gift for an agile person who aims to lifelong learning and loves to discover something interest in daily moments. It might be for close to your friend, coworker, family member, etc.

Deeply research

Uncover something interest about yourself, and explore own family history. Home DNA Test by AncestryDNA is a service which using autosomal technology. Thanks to the advanced DNA science and large consumer database this home-using genetic test tells about ethnicity (from what region are your progenitors from) and helps to find new relationships.

So, how it works? Ar first, activate your kit due to visit the provided URL. Enter the kit ID number and your contact information. Prepare a saliva sample. After all sent a test tube to Ancestry lab. Wait for results (roughly 6-8 weeks).

You might know more about yourself:

  • Ethnicity estimate via pie chart and percentages.
  • Geographical details of your ancestor’s migration. The Ancestry database includes information about more than 350 regions.
  • Research of your family tree and new relations.

Way to self-understanding

Self-knowledge is the best way for happiness. If we understand our strengths and weaknesses, listen to self-desires, life becomes to be better. We can get some knowledge about themselves such as own capabilities, feelings, and motivations through diligent mental practices. Another point such as origin and ancestors are needed deep research outside our mind. Knowledge about a family tree helps to understand own identity. For doing this, you can listen to all family stories, inspect all albums with photos of relatives, or pass a DNA test. The Home DNA Test is a perfect choice for last option. It will be useful for deep search about your roots and ancestry. So, if you or your loved ones are curious persons who breathe with fresh knowledge, take focus on it.