Home Brewing Kit

The good beer is a special part of the pleasure for some beverage-gourmets. So, if that case is about your boyfriend, husband, father, or good friend, we know how to please them. The Home Brewing Kit by Northern Brewer is a perfect choice for strong half of your family. Do not miss out on the opportunity to make your own excellent beer in the house.

Advantages of the Home Brewing Kit by Northern Brewer:

All in one set

Let us make your own brewery via Home Brewing Kit by Northern Brewer. This home-crafted beer set is a ready-made gift for your loved ones. It includes everything you need for the brewing process at home. Inside the box, you will find brewery equipment such as ingredients for making the beer batch, clear glass fermentor (for one gallon), tubing, auto-siphon, airlock, cleaner, filler for a bottle. Also, there are beer bottles (set of 12) and two holders for them, caps (set of 20), bottle opener, bottle labels, pint glasses (set of 2).

Be sure to make tasty result like professional brewmasters. Thanks to the easy-to-follow guide the brewing process will be enjoyable even for beginners.

Fresh ingredients for the tasty beverage

Like a whole-bean coffee which brewed just minutes before, the hand-crafted beer delivers an excellent taste and freshness. If you try a good craft beer at once, you never want to drink pre-ground “beer water” that is offered in mass markets. The home-made beer with the scent of melon, passionfruit, and grapefruit never leaves you indifferent.

Perfect for start

If you or your family members dreamed about testing hand at craft beer making, the Home Brewing Kit is a truly great choice. It includes a limited amount of ingredients to make one gallon of beer at a time. Try the other styles of brewing and find your favorite taste with Northern Brewer.