Himalayan crystal salt lamp

The soft light of Himalayan crystal salt lamp ‘HemingWeigh’ is a way to create a comfortable atmosphere, to fresh the air, to relax from mental and emotional tension.

A piece of distant mountains at your living space

Himalayan salt lamp is a piece of natural Himalayan rock. Pure salt crystals are extracted in Pakistan. Each salt crystal lamp is hand carved. For this reason, it’s truly unique. ‘Vitamins of the air’ is a well-known name for it.

High quality and safe

Himalayan salt lamps ‘HemingWeigh’ are UL/CE certified, CE and RoHS approved. Size is 6.1 x 5.6 x 8.5 inches, weight is 5.5 pounds. There is an option to lower the brightness by a built-in dimmer control.

Besides, a natural wood base is water resistant and works for your safety. Being a natural insulator of electricity wood protects wires from short-circuiting and provides maximum lifespan for a product.

Perfect home décor

Definitely, natural crystal salt lamp will complement your sleeping or meditation place with its peaceful light. It will bring a calm mood and give relaxation to the mind and body. Besides, a salt lamp would be appropriate in a yoga studio, massage room or even in an office lounge area. In consequence, special visual sensation takes people to a non-stressful moment.

Perfect air ionizer and purifier

Himalayan salt lamp helps to raise the ionic balance of your living space. Heated salt emits negative ions to the air and avoids electromagnetic radiation. Breathing the naturally ionized air makes us sleep well and wake up refreshed.

In addition, a salt lamp has a natural ability to clean the air of allergens and other air pollutants. Especially, those who have breathing difficulties like asthma feel better.

Perfect present for anyone

The Himalayan salt lamp will suit as a gift for anyone on any occasion: for instance, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day.

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