Hermione's Time Turner
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Hermione’s Time Turner

Christmas is a favorite holiday of many people. The beginning of December is the most appropriate period to think not only about the presents but also to find some ideas on how to decorate the interior design for Christmas and other winter holidays. All of these preparations require pretty much time. But there is a brilliant opportunity to combine business with pleasure. You can give a present which will cope with both of these functions. In this perspective, Hermione’s Time Turner is a cool and interesting gift, on the one hand, and a beautiful décor’s element on the other.

Key features of the Hermione’s Time Turner

This is the exact replica of Hermione’s lifesaver in the third part of the movies and books about the meeting of Harry Potter with the prisoner of Azkaban. The Time Turner has a mechanism for rotating its inner rings. Besides, it has a working hourglass in the miniature.

This product is plated with twenty-four karat gold. The material is completely safe for people of different age and it doesn’t make any harm to those ones who have sensitive skin. The chain is eighteen inches long. You can wear this product without any difficulties. Apart from the necklace, this set includes an elegant display case. It has a “Harry Potter” etching, made on the mirrored back of the case.

In addition, it is necessary to remember that The Noble Collection can provide several guarantees and licenses for their production, so buying the same item produced by another manufacturer doesn’t mean that you will get a 100% quality product. This company sells Hermione’s Time Turner of the definite size and materials, providing pure authenticity of the item.

This thing can be really multifunctional. You can use it for different purposes. For instance, this is an incredible gift for people who are crazy about Joanne Rowling’s works, namely her books about the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter and his friends. This product can become an unexpected prize in several home-parties, quest-games, etc. This present will allow every little girl to experience the magical and fantastic atmosphere of the winter holidays. Create the atmosphere of miracle and happiness with Hermione’s Time Turner by the Noble Collection!

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