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Herb Saver

Are you search a way to make your life better and keep wellness for people whom you care about? Or you need to bolster your health and ward off disease, boost the health of your heart and wake up your mind? So start with simple things, because we have an easy and time-tested solution to do all of this.

This Herb Saver is a perfect kitchen stuff for people who want to be free from disease. It will be a good gift for close to you persons: family members, colleagues, friends.  Also, the herb saver is a perfect option for home or even office.

Health booster

We use fresh herbs as a supplement of our daily dishes. Occasionally we put cilantro or basil in a salad, chives in meat meals, rosemary in roasted fish or vegetables. But more often we don’t consider it as a necessary product. Several of us are persuaded that any dish can be prepared without parsley, dill or celery — it will be still delicious, and no one will remain hungry.

However, the fresh herbs are not just a seasoning. The benefits of using it are greater than from eating meat, fish, bread, and even vegetables and fruits. Select Herb Saver for your family and learn it at first hand. Cooking your daily dishes with herbs and take the health-protective vitamins and antioxidants. Also, you will have the opportunity to get more nutrition per calorie.

Freshness for up to 3 weeks

The Herb Saver helps you to care about health and to be in a good fit in one of the easiest ways. It can make your home-cooking meals more flavoury with organic ingredients. This kitchen stuff will keep freshness and protect from wilt your favorite cilantro, basil, dill or parsley for up to 3 weeks.

Easy to use

Thanks to thoughtful design with a water reservoir on the bottom this saver give a perfect hydration level for your herbs. We recommend to fill it with water every three to five days.

How to use Herb Saver:
  • Go to the nearest grocery store and buy your favorite herbs.
  • Put them in a special basket and rinse with water.
  • Add two parts of herb saver together and complete them in the water base.
  • Pour water in a reservoir.

Ergonomic shape, eco-friendly materials

The Herb Saver is a good object for home or office kitchen. Its ergonomic shape is suitable for most standard refrigerators. Thanks to slim design you can fit it on a door shelf. Also, all elements of this herb saver are made by BPA-free materials.