Healing Crystals Gift Set

The Healing crystals gift set is such a type of gift, which is meant to speak to your heart and soul. Are you looking for something exceptional to impress your significant other who is spiritual person? Luckily, this set is here at your service! ‘People Crystals’ company provides each crystal carefully handpicked for premium quality and similar size. Beautiful presentation of the crystals makes it gift ready. Your close one will be beyond happy with this set.

Both beginners and practitioners find this collection useful for their own purposes. Perfect companion for encouragement and inspiration, it turns out to be appropriate for meditation and yoga, massage and relaxation, healing and reiki, ritual and spiritual practices, harmonizing some special place of yours. Recharge in body, mind, and spirit guaranteed!

What will you get with the Healing crystals gift set?

The set includes 16 pieces. In detail, there are 7 gemstones in chakra colors: red jasper, orange carnelian, yellow citrine, green aventurine, blue sodalite, violet amethyst, clear quartz.

In addition, you’ll get:
– selenite stick;
– seven chakra pendulum;
– raw rose quartz;
– clear crystal point;
– amethyst cluster;
– black tourmaline;
– geode;
– meditation spray;
– white sage for cleansing.

Besides, you recieve a poster guide for identifying the content of the box, tips how to use it, chants and affirmations. Above all, there is a link code for downloadable E-book about crystals.

At home or on the go use

The uniqueness of the crystals lies in their natural beauty combined with healing properties. You can use the gemstones for creating a warm ambient space at home, or for carrying everywhere with you in a pocket, in a purse or bag. It doesn’t really matter if you take the crystals as a healing method or just as a décor element. In both cases, their aesthetic appearance is able to balance your emotional state. Moreover, if you recognize a healing effect of the crystals, you’ll have pleasurable experience of chakra harmonizing.