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Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Nowadays there is a great variety of things that you can give as a present for any memorable event. They can be from a little jewelry to a massive plush teddy bear or even a luxurious car. The choice of a gift depends on your taste, and what the other person prefers or dislikes. As for the intellectual presents, they are always in trend. You can buy them for a kid and at the same time for a respectable grown-up man or a woman. Either of them will certainly appreciate such a gift as a very useful thing.

Key features of the Harry Potter Wizard Chess set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is a bright example of it. On the one hand, it is a great way to have a rest in the family or friends circle. Warner Brothers is an official author and the Noble Collection is a manufacturer of this wonderful creation. 32 chess pieces, playing board, and two drawstring pouches are available in the set. By the way, if you are a fantasy lover then this kit is definitely for you. Each figure is an exact replica of the Magic Chess Set as you can see in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Moreover, the pieces for the Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set look like a real stone. The chessboard is made of heavy cardboard. All the items have the high-quality level, which is suitable for children’s game as they will not break them while playing.

When you open up the set, you will see that the game board looks very attractive and the pieces look exactly as in the movie. Every fan of Harry Potter would be delighted to become an owner of this great chess set. And even if your friend, a relative or a kid can not play chess, this will be an exciting present all the same, as he or she will get a new motivation to learn something new.

In addition, this game is a great possibility to develop your mental abilities. If you have recently started to play chess and have little experience, it will encourage you to strive to get better and better. And of course, the set can be the first one in your child’s collection. The figures from the popular film will stimulate the kid to play chess more often.

Do not miss the chance to make someone happy by receiving such a magic gift and finding oneself in the fairy country of Harry Potter. Or you can buy LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall so the kids can assemble it together.