Harry Potter Flying Snitch

Books and films about a boy-wizard who survived the attack of the evil Voldemort found fans all over the world. Moreover, this novel in the style of a fantasy has both very young admirers and adult fans. So, Joanne Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, managed to unite several age generations, releasing her fascinating stories. Since there is a whole army of loyal fans of this saga, you can always find something special to present literally anyone. Harry Potter Flying Snitch is an incredible gift, especially for Christmas holidays.

Key features of the Harry Potter Flying Snitch

This toy can really prove its high quality because it is a winner of several competitions and has achieved a Gift of The Year (UK) Award and Independent Toy Award Gold 2018.

Playing with the snitch-toy, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of magic. In this fantasy universe, Quidditch is a famous magical sports game where players fly on broomsticks, throw balls into rings, catch a snitch, and dodge bludgers. Due to the use of extra-strong invisible Aramid fiber thread, this toy creates an illusion of the flight. Its fluttering wings are agreeable to the touch.

Apart from the Mystery Golden Snitch, this gift set also includes eight activators (Aramid threads), display plinth, a poster of the Hogwarts sports game, and detailed manual. Moreover, if you have run out of threads, you will be able to purchase them separately.

The snitch-toy is a great choice for anyone older than ten years old. Unfortunately, little details of the kit do not allow making this gift suitable for children under three years of age.

If you want to feel the stunning atmosphere of pure magic and miracles and present it to your beloved people, then this toy is exactly what you need. It will make happy not only Harry Potter fans but also other people who like the fantasy genre.

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