Harry Potter Coding Kit

The time when you were eleven is gone. But till now your heart shrinks waiting for a tawny owl with a letter from Hogwarts? Don’t be upset! We have a solution to create your individual wizard universe here — the Harry Potter Coding Kit. Let the story about Boy Who Lived brings to life in your house. This learn-to-code projects will be useful both for children and adults with a bright imagination. It is excellent as a Christmas, Birthday gift, or as a present without occasions. It is recommended for ages 6 to 690.

Let the magic starts

So, let’s prepare a magic potion that will give your loved kids, grandchildren or nephews energy, wisdom, and self-confidence. The recipe is quite simple. We need curiosity, imagination, and a pinch of programming! The Kano company with their Harry Potter Coding Kit helps to make first steps at wondering universe of coding. Inside the box, you will find elements for making your personal wand and manual how to create it from yourself. For start snap together the parts of the wand, button, sensors, and batteries. After that connect wand with tablet or laptop (iOS, Android, Windows), and lets teaching magic. Wave your wand to make the wiz on the screen, and overcome challenges. The software of Harry Potter Coding Kit gives you the ability to make objects fly, grow, multiply, and more.

Dive in the coding universe

Let your own wizard story begins. The Harry Potter Coding Kit is a solution to make the first steps in programming. Thanks to a variety of Hogwarts themes the process will be enjoyable and funny. During the study, you will visit six famous places such as Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and of course Hogwarts. With easy steps, your child learns about objects, operators, and logic of JavaScript programming language. More than seventy tasks will show how to do that.

Powerful inspiration

The basics challenges of Harry Potter Coding Kit are not the end of the study. Become a part of wide Kano Universe and improve your skills together with the big community. Create new art, activity, music, and other great things.