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Hardy Boys Book Set

If you want to teach your kids to love books, choose the best! Thankfully, there are many wonderful books to choose from, and Hardy Boys books are definitely the ones to try. Thrilling, exciting mystery stories for children and teenagers – how can you not love them? So give this great book set as a gift to your kids and see them dive into the world of mystery and adventure.

Hardy Boys book series have been popular ever since the 20s. It’s hard to believe, but the fact that children all around the world still enjoy them speaks volumes. If that’s not a proof of quality literature for children, we don’t know what is!

This set includes five first books of the series – a great introduction into the universe of Hardy brothers and their friends. Every book is full of adventure, suspense, and action, every character is well-written and interesting. So if you know a kid who loves reading or a kid you’d like to get acquainted with books, this would be a perfect gift indeed.

This Hardy Boys book set includes:

  1. Book 1, “The Tower Treasure”. Hardy brothers investigate a bold Tower Mansion robbery to return the stolen jewelry and help their friend and his family.
  2. Book 2, “The House on the Cliff”. This time the brave brothers expose a gang of smugglers and find a treasure hidden in an old fort, while investigating a case of a mysterious chemical lab.
  3. Book 3, “The Secret of the Old Mill”. Hardy boys find out about a gang of money-forging criminals and at the same time help their father to arrest the man who creates diversions at secret facilities.
  4. Book 4, “The Missing Chums”. Young detectives investigate unusual robberies and solve the mystery of the sinister mansion with doors that have no locks.
  5. Book 5, “Hunting for Hidden Gold”. Hardy brothers look for the stolen gold and unwittingly get engaged in a real spy story.

So if you want to find books for your kids to really enjoy, consider you’ve found them.  Undoubtedly, these five books will let them spend many hours thrilled by all the mysteries and adventures as they follow the Hardy boys.

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