Hanging Cosmetic Bag

Discover the pleasure of the best organization for your care products via Hanging Cosmetic Bag. This 2-in-one toiletry case makes you feel free from chaos where you can’t find favorite mascara, face soap or lip balm. The set of the hanging bag and the smaller organizer will keep you away from undesired tension through perfectly packing. Whether you are using it for every day or take with you to vacation, Cosmetic Bag will save your time, space in a suitcase or on a makeup table. So, select it as a gift for yourself or close person whom you care about.

Advantages of Hanging Cosmetic Bag

2 bags in 1 set

Unlike other travel cases that propose single bag, Hanging Cosmetic Bag by company Fairyland offers you the set of 2 perfect bags: big organizer, which you can hang in a bathroom, and the smaller pouch, which you can place near dressing table or put inside your bag. Therefore, it gives you more freedom to choose the size of the bag depending on the term of your journey. All you have to do is decide to take the whole set or just one piece of it.

Perfect for trips

Hanging Cosmetic Bag by company Fairyland will amaze by how much favorite beauty products you can take for a journey. The bigger cosmetic bag is created with multiple dividers. Due to the internal see-through mesh pockets, you can easily locate the jars or tubes, and separate them from coming in contact with other products. It also helps to add an extra place for storage. The smaller bag includes one pocket and perfectly suits for hand luggage. Both organizers are featured with zippers to keep all your items inside every single time.

Hanging design

The biggest organizer of the set is an excellent solution for your bathroom. Thanks to the handle on the top and hanging hook, it is suitable to install both for shower rod, towel rack, or door hanger.

Water-resistant and durable material

Hanging Cosmetic Bag is able to keep your beauty products clean and dray. Both organizers are produced by long-lasting and water-resistant polyester, which saves items inside from unexpected spatters of water. These makeup bags also have a long life span. Thanks to the well-sewing and strengthened stitches, they prevent all leaks and damages.