Handmade Pottery Ring Holder

Little pleasant things – that is what our everyday happiness consists of. This can be something we do for ourselves; that we receive from those who are around; or that we give to our loved ones. Sharing is the most precious human quality. Therefore, handmade presents make double joy. They brings the warmth of artist’s hands and heart, they complement our live with its uniqueness. Moreover, giving handmade gift reflects you have chosen special thing for special person. Handmade pottery ring holder ‘Jay’s Clay’ is exactly the kind of such gifts.

In addition, this ceramic dish arrives neatly and presentable packaged in kraft paper. There you will find the hand written sweet note as a nice touch from the artist.

Key features

‘Jay’s Clay’ company offers functional and attractive looking work of art. This product is made with high quality clay on a pottery wheel and glazed by hand in a floating glaze. Flat bottom makes it steady on the surface.

Handmade pottery ring holder is 3 inches diameter and 2.25 inches high. You could drop about 5 rings on the spike (depends on the width). This holder doesn’t take much space. It will be great décor element in your room.

Easy to find idea!

The ring holder is a way to collect the rings together. Put it at the sink or on the nightstand. It is convenient to hold the jewelry before you wash hands or get ready for bed. Exact place to know where your rings are will help you to avoid loss.

‘Jay’s Clay’ brand

‘Jay’s Clay’ is a home pottery studio in Virginia. Now it is well-known pottery brand for its high quality, unique design and friendly attitude to the customers.

Jay is dealing with potter crafting more than 15 years. At first, he represented his products at art shows. Since 2009 he has a shop on Etsy and on Amazon.