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Handmade bath bomb gift set

Handmade bath bomb gift set includes 24 bombs in 4 little boxes. Each box contains 6 various color combinations and fragrances, so you can take any of them which fits your mood. Brighten your bath time with colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, white, green and purple.

‘Summer dream’ rich in Rose essential oil;

‘Morning rose’ with Rose essential oil and special essence;

‘Ocean pearl’ with Mint essential oil is present there;

‘Good night’ rich in Lavender essential oil;

‘Rainy forest’ with Lemon essential oil and special essence;

‘Lovely Cupid’ with milk essence and Lemon essential oil.

Natural composition

All components in product composition are organic. For instance: shea and cocoa butter, grape seed and coconut oils. Therefore, Handmade Bath Bomb will prevent you from any skin allergy or injury. It is recommendable primarily for a dry and normal skin. After taking bath in such way your skin is hydrated, refreshed and smooth, your emotional state is relaxing and peaceful.

In addition, natural ingredients of Handmade bath bomb gift set don’t leave any colored spots on your bathtub.

Pleasure and health benefits for children and adults

Children will totally love entertainments such as a visual effect by putting them in the water, trying new ones. Adults will enjoy Handmade bath bomb gift set as well. Be sure: you’ll feel luxurious like in aromatherapy spa. Handmade bath bomb perfumes the whole bathroom with an amazing smell – one of 24 that you have chosen.

New formula

New ingredient combination provides the best floating and bubbling effect, so you’ll have a great bathing experience. Otherwise, in the absence of water bath bombs have a long storage time.

Best gift idea

Handmade gifts are the most precious, but they are twice precious if you can use them as practical things. Handmade bath bomb gift set will be a suitable gift for your girlfriend, mother, wife. It is a great gift idea on any occasion for Him, for your friend, kid as well.