Halloween costume ideas for kids

Halloween costume ideas for kids

The origins of Halloween

Nowadays we know this holiday mainly due to the need to prepare original Halloween costumes for our children (and very often they are kids vampire costumes) beforehand. But this day has a long and interesting tradition.

The history of Helloween began several centuries ago on the lands of modern Britain and northern France. The territory was inhabited by Celtic pagan tribes who divided the calendar year into winter and summer parts. During the entire winter period, the Sun god was in captivity with Samhain, who was the lord of the dead and the prince of darkness.

On November 1, the Celtic people held the Samhain festival. According to the ancient legend, at night the doors to the other worlds opened, and the inhabitants of hell safely penetrated to the Earth. At night, fires were actively lit to propitiate evil spirits. The beginning of our era was marked by the capture of Celtic land by the Romans, who brought with them new traditions.

In the 9th century, after the spread of Christianity on the British territory, there was a mixture of ancient traditions with the holiday “All Hallows Even” (Catholic Day of All Saints). After some time, the holiday began to be called Halloween.

Good Halloween costumes

Of course, the costume for Halloween is the main tradition of this holiday. Mostly on a holiday, people dress up in costumes of various evil spirits, supernatural characters, gnomes, trolls, vampires, and other horror creatures.

Halloween is the time when creativity in costume making reaches its heights. Every adult and kid wants to look special, original and impress their peers. That’s why original Halloween costumes are among the main attributes of the holiday.

For parents, it can be a challenge to make or buy creative Halloween costumes for their kids. It also depends on the interests and tastes of the child and of his friends.

Some adults might regard making homemade Halloween costumes a good idea because you can design it from scratch and add some features. But when you start thinking about such an approach it becomes clear that you need to spend a lot of money, time and efforts to produce something that might not fit your child. And anyway you will look for examples on the Internet so your costume will not be that unique.

Halloween costume ideas for kids

The first stage of the costume preparation is to come up with the idea. Each year some new superhero appears on the scene and new cartoon creatures. But there is one classics that will be always relevant and will have a genuine flavor of the holiday. Preparing a vampire outfit for your child is definitely a great idea. Although it is not extremely original, you kid Dracula can look awesome and you even do not need to work with the needle yourself as there are so many ready solutions. So continue to read as we show you how to get a great Dracula outfit for your child in minutes!

Selection of ready vampire costumes for kids

Halloween vampire costumes for boys

1. Rubie’s Transylvanian Vampire Costume

Rubie's Transylvanian Vampire Costume
Rubie’s Transylvanian Vampire Costume

The costume is made of polyester which makes it easy to care about. In this costume, your vampire kids will look in Transylvanian tradition and will impress anyone. It has a white shirt with a red and black vest. A long black cape with red lining and stand-up collar transforms your kid into a real medieval count.

2. Count Blood Child Costume

Count Blood Child Costume
Count Blood Child Costume

The costume includes a vest and has attached sleeves. Such accessories as stylish neck cravat and cape with the chain are part of the costume. This is one of the best kids vampire costumes on the market.

3. Infant Too Cute To Spook Vampire Costume

Infant Too Cute To Spook Vampire Costume
Infant Too Cute To Spook Vampire Costume

If you are looking for some cute Halloween costumes for your infant child, then this costume will make anyone smiling. Made from polyester this baby vampire costume has a jumpsuit with baby pants and a cape. The sizes for babies ranges between 12 and 18. With such a costume your boy will collect all the candies in the neighborhood.

4. InCharacter Baby Boy’s Count Cutie Vampire Costume

InCharacter Baby Boy's Count Cutie Vampire Costume
InCharacter Baby Boy’s Count Cutie Vampire Costume

Another awesome example of the cutest vampire costume for babies. It includes a jumpsuit and a detachable cape, jabot and bat pendant. This costume is made not only for beauty but the designers thought about the practical side as well. The costume has snaps for an easy diaper change. It is also very easy to hand wash. So no matter what situation your young count Dracula will get himself, it will not spoil the holiday for anyone.

5. Leegeel Halloween Vampire Boy Costume

Leegeel Halloween Vampire Boy Costume
Leegeel Halloween Vampire Boy Costume

This model is more elegant than scary. So if you want your boy to charm everyone around instead of scaring them, then this is a perfect boy’s Halloween vampire costume. It was produced using high-quality materials. The costume contains shirt with detachable cape. All the elements of this vampire costume meet requirements towards toys safety. All the hooks and loops have round edges so they will not harm the baby’s skin. The producer specifically tested all the elements for possible pulling so they are save for a child. The costume fits kids between 4 and 6 years old.

Halloween vampire costumes for girls

1. Vampire Princess Costume

Vampire Princess Costume
Vampire Princess Costume

This costume will transform your daughter into an elegant vampire princess who lives in a medieval castle and charm boys in their thousands. The costume includes a dress but does not include the crown. All the materials are high quality and safe.

2. Girl’s Royal Vampire Costume

Girl's Royal Vampire Costume
Girl’s Royal Vampire Costume

If your young lady plans to be a queen of vampires during the upcoming holiday, then this costume will help her to transform. It includes a dress with attached collar. A stylish choker with cameo will be a unique accessory that will make your daughter the center of attention of her friends.

3. Rubie’s Gothic Vampiress Costume

Rubie's Gothic Vampiress Costume
Rubie’s Gothic Vampiress Costume

Another 100% polyester costume for girls under 12 years old. It is featured with a high red velvet collar and a black velvet trim. This girl’s vampire costume has some Easter flavor to it with golden embroidery and hanging sleeves. The costume looks rich and stylish and will suit any occasion, including Halloween celebration.

4. Vexing Vampire Children’s Halloween Costume

Vexing Vampire Children's Halloween Costume
Vexing Vampire Children’s Halloween Costume

This is a simple, inexpensive but stylish vampire costume for girls. It is great for Halloween celebration, theme parties, dress ups. The high-quality material resists wrinkles and shrinking and will serve for a long time. But for this you need to hand wash it in cold water and avoid bleaching or ironing.

5. Edgy Vamp girl’s Costume

Edgy Vamp girl's Costume
Edgy Vamp girl’s Costume

This costume will help your girl to make the scariest outfit among her peers. It fits medium and large sizes and includes dress with attached jabot and headpiece. You will need to purchase the tights additionally.


So as we have mentioned a lot of parents think about preparing DIY Halloween costumes for kids. It can be a great idea if you have enough skills and experience. But at the same time it can ruin two weeks of your time and a lot of nerves if you have never tried making something with your hands. So think twice about whether you want all that stress. Or maybe it is wiser to select something from our hand-picked list of the ready costumes provided above? The decision is yours. We only hope that this material will be helpful to you. And have a great Halloween this year!

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