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Grow Crystals Kit

If you watched The Big Bang Theory, you probably know what opinion Sheldon Cooper has about geology. He considers it isn’t real science. But how wrong is he! And you have the opportunity to make sure about that, thanks to the Grow Crystals Kit. Present this young geologist’s set to your beloved child, younger sister or niece, and dive into the engaging world of science together.

Why should you choose Grow Crystals Kit by Mini Explorer for your kids?

The best introduction to the science world

Crystals come from deep in the earth. Rich of various colors and shapes, they get millions of people to fall in love with their beauty. From generation to generation, they have collected, polished and carefully guarded. And this is not surprising, because of crystals has been created by the Earth for thousands of years. Fortunately, you should not need to wait so long. Grow Crystals Kit by Mini Explorer shorten the growth process about to one week! Just follow the recommendations, and the result will not take long.

The exciting experience of learning

Let your beloved kid feel like a true scientist combining the components and following how the crystal is growing. Due to the 12 pages of the illustrated guide, your gift recipient will new about describing and forming of crystals.

Excellent choice both for parents and teachers

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you will have an engaging and fun time. Choose the Grow Crystals Kit as a gift for all-aged kids, and enjoy pleasant moments together. Thanks to the essential hands-on work, it helps to learn new knowledge easily. When all steps of grows will be done, the manufacturer offers you a whole enjoying of the results of your work. The kit includes light-up shows for all to admire!

Everything that needs in one kit

Grow Crystals Kit will give a lot of fun to the recipient of your gift. This kit includes everything that he or she will need for successful crystals growing. Besides the components for crystals, it comes with useful supplies such as growing cups (set of 3), crystal starters, stirrer, tweeters. There are also LED light-up displays (set of 3), a micro-USB cable, and manual.