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Greatever Snorkeling Mask

There is no seaside vacation without snorkeling and all the fun it brings. In case you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who plans this kind of vacation, here’s the one for you. Greatever is the latest generation snorkeling mask with all the benefits latest breakthrough technology offers. It’s a truly revolutionary device that lets you explore the whole new level of adventure and experience.

Greatever is the first snorkeling mask that doesn’t restrict your breathing in any way. Therefore, you can breathe freely, just as you are used to in everyday life! Enjoy the panoramic view and forget about fogged lenses or any discomfort whatsoever. Greatever is so comfy that you can just forget about the fact you are wearing a mask. Let your friends and loved ones enjoy their snorkeling experience for hours.

These are only a few great features Greatever snorkeling mask offers:

  1. Comfort and easy breathing. Panoramic full-face snorkeling mask allows for free breathing both through your mouth and nose. Thanks to this, you don’t have to use a mouthpiece anymore! It’s like being able to breathe naturally underwater.
  2. Perfect air-tightness. Do you worry that diving may lead to water seeping into your mask snorkel? Well, you can stop worrying now, thanks to the Dry Top system. Amazingly, the snorkel features an air valve with a floating ball that blocks the snorkel when you dive, which prevents the water from getting inside and in your mouth or nose.
  3. Anti-fog feature. Greatever incorporates a unique system of airflow channels that ensures perfect ventilation. Most importantly, it keeps the panoramic lens crystal clear at the same time. See all the colors of the underwater world as they are, without any distortion or limited vision.
  4. Easy to wear. The mask features an elastic woven strap. It’s soft and comfortable, easy to tighten and easy to loosen. What’s more, the strap ensures that your snorkeling mask is always in place.

Greatever snorkeling mask is made of ultra-clear plastic and silicone. Thanks to this, it’s very light, easy and comfortable to wear. Besides, this ensures great view at all times. The mask comes in different sizes to fit men and women. There are many fun color options that will make a child happy! The removable GoPro mount will let you use an underwater camera and make your snorkeling experience even more exciting! After all, the exciting experience is what snorkeling is about.

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