Great photographer gifts ideas

Great photographer gifts ideas

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Ok, so you have someone in your family, among friends or relatives who are into photography. You know nothing about photography-related gadgets but you need to get some nice gift for a photographer. At first, you might look for cheap gifts for photography lovers. But in truth, it is not so easy to find budget photography related presents. However, we will do our best to suggest different options for various budgets and occasions.

Camera selection is a topic for a separate article. It depends on the budget, professional needs and individual preferences of the photographer. Therefore, we leave this difficult choice for the photographer. There are many other more and less significant devices and accessories for photography, which will be useful to anyone who enjoys photography.

1. Sigma Wide Angle Lens

Sigma Wide Angle LensBest DealSuppose that a custom lens is also available for every photographer. But the more lenses are there in the arsenal, the more practical and creative opportunities will have a photographer! A wide-angle lens is an expensive and fashionable gift, as wide-angle shooting is becoming an increasing trend among photoblogs and Instagrammers. The wide-angle lens is great for people leading an active lifestyle – for shooting trips, workouts, stunts, recreation, and adventure. In addition, a third-party lens from Sigma will cost much less than a similar Nikon or Canon model. This can be a nice gift for photography lovers who also like traveling

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2. MeFoto tripod
MeFoto tripod

The tripod is a true companion to the photographer. It is not only useful for taking pictures, but also simply necessary for shooting video. Of all the variety of practical and high-quality models, MeFoto tripods are ideal for the role of a gift. These tripods have bright colors, as well as a unique 2-in-1 design that allows you to turn the tripod with an easy and convenient monopod. If you are searching for some inexpensive gifts for photography lovers this might be your choice.

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3. ThinkTank camera backpack

ThinkTank camera backpack

ThinkTank bags are used by leading professional photo reporters of the planet. Of course, every photographer will be pleased to feel connected with the world of photography! And there is something to choose from: the brand produces covers, bags, slings, backpacks and suitcases for cameras, lenses, laptops and sets of photo equipment of various volumes and purposes, as well as suspension and lap belts and protective rainwear covers. Whatever you choose, the excellent quality and functionality of the gift are guaranteed. This bag allows attaching a drone to it in seconds. This will be valuable for aerial photographers.

Think Tank Artificial bags deserve special attention – extremely stylish and comfortable bags that will be useful even to those who are not related to photography but use a laptop or tablet.

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4. BlackRapid strap for a camera

BlackRapid strap for a camera

With a professional strap, it is much more convenient to carry a camera on your shoulder, and taking photos is more pleasant. This is an accessory that photographers often overlook. But having received such a thing as a gift, they will be able to appreciate it. American straps for the BlackRapid are stylish, modern and made of a very pleasant material. If you are selecting gifts for the photographer who has everything then high-quality camera strap might be a good option. This is because even professional photographers might save on such an accessory but it can be the key to the safety of their valuable cameras.

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5. Nissin flash

Nissin flash

The flash is another subject that will significantly expand the capabilities of the photographer. Its presence will allow you to take photos in the dark and against the sun, to experiment with lighting. Japanese Nissin flashes are a great alternative to Nikon, Canon and Sony flashes. Wide functionality and modern interface at a reasonable price.

Special attention is given to the Nissin Di700A model – a miniature “pocket” flash with an “adult” capability and all the functionality of camera flashes. Camera flash is a perfect gift for photography beginners since they often omit light as an important factor of a nice picture.

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6. Pixel wireless remote

Pixel wireless remote

The Pixel Wireless Remote Controller is a device for remote control of a camera, equipped with a timer. It allows you to control even cameras that do not have an infrared port, through which such devices usually work. The timer can be set to release the shutter at set time intervals to take a series of photos at regular time intervals — for example, for shooting Time Lapse. This item is among cool gifts for a photographer because it can allow you to take pictures of yourself with different sights and natural wonders.

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7. Case Logic camera sling

Case Logic camera sling

Case Logic camera sling is a convenient option for carrying a camera. This is a compact case, the shape of which corresponds to the shape of an SLR camera with a lens, thanks to which the camera will be firmly fixed. Camera sling can be worn on the shoulder or on the belt – as comfortable. You can place small accessories that you may need for shooting in small pockets: batteries, memory cards, light filters, and so on. You can remove the camera at any time suitable for shooting: you just need to unbutton the fastener and fold the top valve of the cornered cap. If you are selecting among gifts for digital photography enthusiasts, then this case logic camera sling is a creative option. It will allow a photographer to carry a camera in a portable and easy to carry form.

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8. Hoya UV Filter

Hoya UV Filter

UV filters are a useful accessory for those who want to improve the quality of their photos, primarily landscape ones. They not only serve as a reliable protection of the lens but also bring interesting effects. Neutral filters will allow you to beautifully remove the sea and waterfalls, and the polarization filter will make the sky more saturated in photographs and eliminate reflections from the water surface. So among gifts for photography buffs, UV filters hold not the last place.

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9. Technoline Charger

Technoline Charger

The Intelligent Technoline Charger is a great gift not only for photographers but also for everyone who often uses AA and AAA finger batteries. The device does not just charge the batteries, but also supports them in full working condition, and even returns old batteries to life. We would recommend this item as a present if you are selecting gifts for a novice photographer. Novices often lack some basic accessories and then would appreciate you gifting them such a wonderful charger.

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10. Azden microphone

Azden microphone

A microphone is a necessary accessory for those who enjoy video filming. The difference in sound quality between the camera’s built-in microphone and an external microphone is noticeable even to unpretentious operators. Azden Japanese microphones – microphones with excellent sound and affordable prices. The company also produces microphones for mobile phones and smartphones. This item might be one of the perfect Christmas gifts for photography lovers. It will allow a photographer to make short movies and interviews for family memory and as side gigs from their photographer job.

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So if you are not a photographer yourself or have not received a particular gift “order” then it might be challenging to select a proper gift for a photographer. However, we have prepared for you a list that should help even the person distant to any gadgets and photography to select a suitable present. The gift ideas rage in terms of budget and functions. If you need a Christmas or a Birthday gift for a photographer, then consider more expensive options. If you need some “thank you” gift, then you might select something simple.

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