Granola Bars

Good flavor for a kind heart

It is not hard to be a helpful person. These Granola Bars offer you easy steps to do this. You take tasty bars and also give essential food for people, who need it. Every sold bar is a part of food aid for regions with malnutrition problem. Such as Haiti, Horn of Africa, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. When you buy these granola bars, the company This Bar Saves Lives donate food aid with nutrient-rich meals.

Dark Chocolate & Coconut

There are different flavors of the Granola Bars by This Bar Saves Lives. For example, bars with cherry, dark chocolate, almonds, honey, peanut butter, jelly, maple pecan and other. All of them are a good choice as an afternoon snack. These Granola Bars Dark Chocolate & Coconut also a perfect product for a tasty and healthy lunch break. They are not very sweet. Also, they have a perfect balance between crunchy and chewy. One bar weights 40 g and contains 170 calories. The kit includes 12 bars.

These bars are made of natural ingredients such as toast oats, chicory root fiber, dry coconut, crisp rice, almonds, honey, dark chocolate, canola and kernel oils, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, flax seeds, sea salt, sugar.

Pay attention: The facility which produces these bars also processes almonds, nuts (peanuts and tree nuts), dairy, wheat, eggs, and soy. Thereby this product is recommended for persons without any food intolerance.

For whom?

These Granola Bars by This Bar Saves Lives is suitable as a gift for Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving Day. It is an equally good choice for any other occasion or without reasons. Choose this product for your loved ones, friends and kids. Also, remember that you help to save lives and make this world better when you select these bars. We are sure that people close to you will have this pleasure too.