Gourmia Electric Egg Cooker

Every morning we hurriedly think about what to eat for breakfast and are already planning meals for lunch and dinner. But due to the lack of time, our meal is the same every day. Gourmia electric egg cooker will be a great helper for everyone. It will prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast of eggs for you in a blink of an eye. Now you can relax and do not worry that the food will burn. While it is cooking you can do some work around the home. After all, Gourmia electric egg cooker notifies loudly when the eggs are fully cooked. Healthy life and Gourmia electric egg cooker are now connected things.

Key features of the Gourmia electric egg cooker

Thanks to Electric Egg Cooker you will become healthier because with such a device it is impossible not to start eating properly in the morning.

The device has a compact size and does not take up much space. It allows you to store it in an ordinary kitchen locker. Now you can just boil eggs and even cook an omelet without effort and nerves. And all this only with pressing one button of the device.

A measuring glass, which is very convenient to measure the desired level of water is included in the package. And at the bottom of the tank, there is a pin for piercing eggs.

With Gourmia electric egg cooker, you can fry eggs for your sandwiches, even if you are in a hurry. You can cook about 6 eggs at a time, and in 10 minutes you will cook a dozen eggs. Additionally, you can cook vegetables and other light meal at the same time.

The set includes a one-year warranty and a wonderful recipe book that will help to diversify your diet.

This egg cooker will be a nice gift for any young family, students or bachelor men.

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