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Gobi Gear compression sack

Remember when you are off to a vocational or business trip, outdoors event like camping or simply going to gym – how do you usually pack your stuff? Whether it’s a trunk, backpack or sports bag you always pack your clothes the same way – one item on another. If you suddenly need a certain thing from your bag and it is at the very bottom, you’ll have to pull out all top layers and pack them back again. That’s so annoying! After a workout, wet clothes and toiletries probably end up mixed together in your sports bag and it’s not pleasant to find your shoes wrapped into a towel. Better have all your stuff organized in Gobi compression sack.

Gobi compression sack – packing of the day!

Also known as SegSac or Hoboroll, this compression sack is made of very light but at the same time strong Cordura ripstop nylon (total weight – 180 g). Water resistant coating protects your belongings on a rainy day or when you are carrying some wet clothes after the beach or gym.

Five compartments for your clothes and equipment. Organize them according to the situation or categories, e.g. underwear and overdress, shoes and equipment separately. The sack opens from both sides to pull out a necessary thing instead of emptying an entire compartment. Compression straps keep everything locked down to its place while a hidden zipper pocket reverses to become a storage pouch. Carry the sack as a handbag or attach shoulder straps to eyelet tabs to turn SegSag into a backpack. Last but the most important feature: when full Gobi sack remains compact due to top-down and radial compression.

The compression sack is perfect for winter-time whether you are going to a sauna or hiking. Here is an example what you can easily pack into a 4-compartment SegSac: (1) 3 shirts, 1 pair of pants; (2) 1 large fleece jacket; (3) 1 rain shell, 1 hat, (4) 1 pair of gloves; 1 down puffer.

Take Gobi sack with you to the beach: it’s light and water resistant. And don’t forget about Matador picnic blanket: it’s for 2 people, won’t fly away with the wind and fits onto your palm when packed!

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Campers and outdoors fans will love Gobi compression sack because compactness is a top priority in traveling. Warm clothes and raincoats take up a lot of space and you wouldn’t like to carry a bulky sack. Pack like a boss with Gobi compression pack and focus only on travel surprises.

The compression sack is a great alternative to an ordinary sports bag. It’s way more practical to organize your stuff in different compartments rather than throwing them into the same pile. Fitness fans and athletes will love such a gift!