Goat Horn Coffee Mug with Faux Leather Stand

Forget dull mugs and tedious coffee breaks. Don’t be just an office worker or a family guy. Imagine that you are a courageous Viking and get ready to make your life more active and interesting. Take a gulp of energy from a Goat Horn Coffee Mug. Drink every last drop of your favorite coffee anytime and anywhere you want. With special horn-shaped mug, every day becomes more positive and pleasant. Choose it for yourself, for a loved person, for a relative or friend. This coffee mug will be suitable for girls, who are looking for a present for a boyfriend or a brother. For a mother who wants to choose a gift for son. For colleagues who select an appropriate present for a boss.

An authentic mug for real men!

Goat Horn Coffee Mug by designer Anze Miklavec is not only a useful object but also a stylish accessory. It will be suitable for most traditional menswear. Take it when you go for a walk, stay at the office, etc. It will keep your favorite hot drinks warm for a long time. Due a special horn-shape mug contains 16 oz or 470 ml.

From legend to a real life

A Goat Horn Coffee Mug is not just ordinary kitchen stuff. Its own story goes back for centuries ago when our favorite hot drink — coffee — was discovered. The original story tells that in the 13th century a shepherd of goats took note of an effect of small red berries (coffee beans). When goats chewed a bit of them, they went crazy, because had a lot of energy. Upon that, the shepherd decided to brew and taste these berries. Thereby our rich and flavorful drink was discovered.

Universal shape with straps and stand

A Goat Horn Coffee Mug with Faux Leather Stand is a perfect solution for coffee to go. There is a set of two straps (long and short part), which you can put across your shoulders or attach to your bag. Also, it can be used in the office or at home. The mug holder easily transforms into a stand, that is why you can place a Goat Horn Coffee Mug onto a desk.

Eco-friendly materials

A Goat Horn Coffee Mug by designer Anze Miklavec is a stylish and eco-friendly product. It is made of high-quality BPA FREE materials. Also, you should not worry about the safety of your favorite clothes or bag. This mug is 100% leak proof. So your hot drink will not leak outside.