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Girls Unicorn Set

One of the great things about childhood is this belief that magic is possible. That it’s just around the corner or in every little thing that you discover. Children may not necessarily believe in fairy-tales and all magic things in them, but they certainly want to believe it exists. So it doesn’t really come as surprise when a little girl adores magical creatures like unicorns. This girls unicorn set is for them.

While stuffed toys and dolls may be a good gift option, they are pretty characterless. When you do want to make a little girl’s day, make your gift stand out by catering for her interests. Besides, multiple presents in one package are always better than a single present, aren’t they?

This set is all about magical and incredibly cute unicorns and will make any little unicorn fan happy. They can play with it at home or take it wherever they go. Undoubtedly, they will love the colorful and sparkly fun it brings.

Here is what you get with this sweet girls unicorn set:

  1. Each item in this set is made of durable, high-quality, non-toxic materials. So you can be sure that your little girl will enjoy them for a very long time. Besides, it’s not just endlessly cute – it’s very useful! Just what your little girl needs to store and keep her little essentials and treasures in.
  2. This girls unicorn set offers six items in one package. There is a nylon drawstring backpack to safely carry all the important things around. Bright and colorful, it will make your little unicorn lover’s day, any day! A cute necklace with a unicorn studded pendant is great to wear for any occasion. A nice durable zippered makeup bag is just perfect for keeping all the beauty products in order without ever losing one tiny thing. Besides, there are not one but five colorful unicorn hairbands, a cute bracelet with a unicorn charm, and a unicorn gift bag!
  3. No doubt, one of the best presents for a little girl. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or first day at school, a gift like this will definitely make her very happy.  

So if you want to bring a little more magic and joy in a little girl’s life, here’s a great opportunity to do just that. Isn’t it an awesome way to bring a smile to that little face?

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