Gift Box Funny Socks

Are you looking for a nice little gift to surprise your beloved one or someone not so close for you? We have something special to offer you! Gift box funny socks by ‘The Only Gift Worth Giving’ brand turns out to be a pleasant thing to lift the vibes. Cute for wine-loving person for any occasion. Just imagine a lazy weekend when you are curling up on the couch, watching movie and warming up with these funny socks. If you are together with your partner, feel free to ask for a glass of wine. Be sure, he/ she won’t say no.

Besides, this pair is great as a stocking stuffer, ‘thank you’ gift idea, white elephant gift, party favor, gift exchange, housewarming gift and many more.

Luckily, stylish neat packaging makes the socks ready for giving. In addition, it is a perfect combination of bright first impression and functionality. This gift brings a big smile at the beginning and comfort the next days.

Fits most! The secret is unisex one size

Fits both men and women. The pair is stretchable enough to fit large foot without being too tight. US size for women is 5-12, and US size for men is 6-10. Unique design is suitable for almost anyone.

Let’s see some details about the quality of the socks!

Cotton with wool is used for your extra warmth and comfort. Pleasant to skin and absolutely allergen-free. High quality material makes the Gift box funny socks durable and resistant for frequent high temperature wash. Hand wash or machine wash with alike colors are appropriate. No doubt, the cute inscription will not fade or all the more peel off.

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