Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

Giving and sharing are the things that makes our life valuable and meaningful. From our childhood, we make friends and learn how to express our feelings: by saying nice things, by hugging, and finally by gift giving. We use different ways to make our close ones understand they are special for us. Friendship bracelet maker kit by ‘Choose Friendship’ company is an opportunity for children to make unique gifts by their selves. Besides they have a chance to please their besties, they get creative hobby. If you wish your daughter, a grandchild, a niece or somebody else develop handcrafting skills and have a good time, give them this kit as a present. They won’t get bored with it. Hours of entertainment guaranteed! Making shareable, wearable symbols of friendship, that’s what girls and even boys will absolutely love!

Imaginative kids must-have

This DIY bracelet kit comes with everything necessary for weaving. In detail, strings holder with a clip and bottom pegs makes it super easy to keep all the threads of future bracelet well organized and prevent getting tangled. 20 Prism threads included, 10 colors available in the kit. Being pre-cut, the threads are ready for crafting. It is convenient to store them in the slide-out drawer with numbered slots. In addition, easy-to-follow instructions will be helpful for getting started.

Travel edition

Optimally sized Friendship bracelet maker kit has every chance to travel together with a kid. Thanks to super-portable feature, it can fit easily in a backpack. Design of this bracelet Maker features a globe shaped clip to hold the bracelet in one place and the word ‘friend’ in different languages. Join the universal team of friendship, love and positivity promotion!

Have fun and experiment!

The kids get creative while making bracelets. Colors and pattern combination experiments let them develop aesthetic taste and show their personalities.

By the way, you can find lots of tips and tricks of making bracelets with the help of workshop videos from free app ‘Knot It’. Start with beginner lever and move to advanced!