Follow Your Dream Pillow Cover

If you ever tried looking for funny gifts, then you must know that it is quite hard to choose something not offensive and really laughable. That is why this Follow Your Dream pillow cover will be a perfect choice if you are looking for some fun gift ideas. The pillow is the result of work of Hgod Designs. It depicts a meme dog wrapped in a chicken roll flying in space across the galaxy. It will make any person smiling and will be a perfect white elephant gift for your adult relative, friend, child or even a boss.

Key features of the Follow Your Dream pillow cover

The key colors on this pillow cover are black and yellow. Dark colors make the pillowcase ideal for kids and living rooms where there are more dust and interaction with people that make pillow cases dirty faster.

The pillow case consists of durable high-quality cotton linen Burlap material. It does not produce any unpleasant smell, is breathable and durable.

The Follow Your Dream pillow case is 18 by 18 inches in size. So it will fit all pillows that are or similar or smaller size.

The pattern shown in the picture is printed on both sides of the pillow. There is a hidden zipper on the pillowcase so that the pillow can be changed easily.

The Follow Your Dream pillowcase will be a perfect white elephant gift for anyone. If you know that a person has a proper sense of humor than he or she will appreciate such a gift even for birthday or Christmas.

We recommend washing this pillow case in a cold water and separately from while and bright clothes. Do not use any bleach or very hot water because it will damage the print.

You can also gift this memory foam pillow together with the pillow case so that the present is complete.