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Flowering tea set

What about a morning cup of aromatic tea with toast, daytime tea break with some snack, or warm family dinner with tea and homemade baking? If bright pictures come to your mind with these words, Flowering tea set “Blooming tea garden” is definitely for you. Especially, if you prefer something particular instead of usual black or green tea, you will take advantage of this tea set. However, even if you are not a tea person, this blooming tea will impress you!

Get the best visual and tea drinking experience

Flowering tea is a treat for your senses: beautiful tea bloom performance right before your eyes, wonderful smell and delicious taste.

12 types of flowering tea give a chance to choose the best flavor for any preference, mood, and occasion. They are Acai, Blueberry, Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Love Reflections with Jasmine, Peach First Kiss, Floral Sunset with Litchi, three varieties of rose flowers teas. Find your favorite one among all collection!

For those who value the finest quality

Flowering tea set contains 100% natural ingredients: manually selected and inspected flowers, berries, and fruits with the finest tea leaves (Grade AA).

Health benefits

Flower tea is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and amino acids. Depending on its composition, flower tea has a tonic or relaxing effect. In detail, it reinforces the body’s immune, strengthens the cardiovascular system, has a positive effect on metabolism and aids detoxification.

Many hours of refined tea-drinking

In fact, each tea blossom can be stepped up three times. It’s about 250 cups of tea from the Flowering tea set! Moreover, it is possible to freeze the tea blossom in a sealed container for up to 48 hours. Don’t forget to remove water before storage.

Gift for your tea loving friends

Tea collection is packaged in a gift tea box. It’s a great choice to surprise your family, friend or colleagues.