Laugh & Learn Smartphone Bundle

If you are looking for an interesting toy for your baby, that can involve the child for a long time and will facilitate his development, then we advise you to pay attention to some special toy with remote control – Laugh & Learn Smartphone Bundle. It has a convenient shape for the child and a bright, attractive design. There are a lot of buttons which will be interesting to explore. Fisher-Price Smartphone contributes to the development of fine motor skills and coordination of movements, allows a child to get acquainted with sounds and stimulate memory and thinking. Children will like the backlit screen. There are more than 35 tunes, songs, and useful phrases. Fisher-Price Smartphone has a very nice design, is made of high-quality materials and is safe to use.

Key features of the Laugh & Learn Smartphone Bundle

Laugh & Learn Smartphone Bundle toy is recommended for both boys and girls from the age of six months. Sounds are played when the corresponding buttons are pressed on the remote. The toy promotes the development of sound and vision, introduces the concept of opposites and some of the phrases and names of numbers. Smart remote is a toy that is designed for children from 6 to 36 months.

There are a lot of different buttons on the toy which activate different sounds. For example, one of them lights up the screen with a bright light and the phone toy makes a sound. There is also a button that makes the sound of the voice guidance higher or lower when you press it. So your baby will be able to adjust the volume level of the voice. Besides, there is a yellow button with the notes. Clicking on this button, your little one will enjoy listening to various nursery rhymes. Other buttons teach the baby colors and their significance. In the future, it will be useful to recognize the traffic lights. When you click on a red square panel it says “Stop”, and when you click on a green triangle – “Go”.

Safe and useful

The voice is very clear, with correct pronunciation with different tones, which is important in the future development of a child’s speech. Also, there are buttons with numbers. Pressing on those buttons, a child hears the title of the pressed figures, thereby learning them.

You will need two AAA batteries. The unit for the batteries is located on the rear panel of the console under a cover with the screw. They are well hidden, impossible to open without using a screwdriver, so your child will not be able to get them alone and be totally safe. The toy is made of child-safe plastic that does not contain harmful materials that could affect his health.

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