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Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks Playset

The company Fisher-Price traces it’s history back to 1930. Toys by Fisher-Price represent a whole complex for the development of personal qualities, such as intelligence, perseverance, activity, attention and logical thinking. This brand has become famous for their Barbie doll. But nowadays the range of their toys is very wide. Fisher-Price products for the youngest children include a variety of rattles, walkers, beautiful colored cubes and other great educational toys. Such toys are supposed to teach children to explore the world around them. That’s why these toys are very bright and attractive. Besides, numerous cubes and pyramids contribute to the development of good finger motor skills. And Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks Playset is one of such awesome toys for youngsters.

Key features of the Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks Playset

As your kid grows up, she needs to manage more difficult tasks during the game. The Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks Playset is an exciting toy that will help develop certain skills, such as hand-eye coordination and thinking skills. The baby will insert bright blocks into the holes in the bucket one by one, and then dump them out to see how these colorful figures pop out again and again! Thanks to such training, a child gets acquainted with colors, shapes and learns to count. You can participate in this game, too. Just ask your child to find a block of particular color or to count them. The bucket has a comfortable carrying handle. You can keep all the blocks inside the bucket. The yellow lid opens and closes easily.

Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks Playset includes 10 multi-colored blocks of different shapes. The set consists of 2 green triangles, 2 red squares, 2 yellow stars, 2 purple circles, and 2 orange crosses. Thanks to this bucket and its contents, the baby will learn to distinguish the colors and shapes of objects, to disassemble and fold the figures into a container.

It is very important, that all Fisher-Price toys are high-quality products and are absolutely safe for children. The toys have an amazing design. Your baby will enjoy playing with such a sorter for sure!

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