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Exercise band

Exercise band is not that kind of sports equipment you’ll see in TV commercials like “minimum effort – maximum results just 10 mins a day”. The more correct description of this product would be “Minimum weight and space in your bag – maximum muscle stretch and workout”. Also known as ‘resistance bands’, these ‘pocket gyms’ have nearly revolutionized the way people exercise.

Exercise band features

The biggest advantage of rubber bands over standard dumbbells is their compactness and small weight compared to the gym iron. 7 ft/2.13m long and 6 in/15.24cm wide rubber band is capable of substituting the entire gym equipment and machines. Here is why:

Exercise band has 10 levels of tension, all differ by color for easy distinguishing. The yellow band is the easiest – 1 – 4 lbs/0,5-1,8kg. Keep one end of the band pressed to the floor with your foot and pull by the other end in whatever direction want. Although the resistance is low, you will feel blood running to your muscles and warm them up. The same effect with Green and Orange bands which are slightly harder – max 3,5 kg. Light strength exercise bands are good to prepare yourself for the major workout. Children or people with recent injuries can use 2-3 kg tension bands to keep their muscle in tonus.

Blue and Sky Blue bands are classified as Medium Strength and provide tension 6-10 lb/2,7-4,5 kg. Use these for a proper set/rep exercise. The number of rep is up to you whether you focus on strength or stamina – the bands are suitable for the both. 4,5 kg tension may look nothing in the eyes of an iron fan but try the following: tie the band into a loop and repeat the exercise this way. The band will resist more and 4,5 kg will feel like doubled. Try wrapping the band a few times around your hand for a more secure grip. If pressed well to the floor, the band will resist even more this way.

Heavy strength bands vary from just Heavy to XXX Heavy: 10 – 26 lbs/6 – 12 kg. These advanced level bands help work out leg muscles and easily imitate squats with additional weight.

Practical and safe

The number of exercises you can do with a resistance band is endless: shape the band the way you want and make up your own exercise. The Internet is full of ‘top 100 rubber band exercises’ like videos but you don’t need to go far: after you purchase the band you will receive a 30-page e-book with all body exercises.

Exercises bands are not related to specific kinds of sports or workouts. If you are a gym-goer the band will add diversity to your standard gym workout. No time for going to the fitness center? Exercise at home. No extra equipment like bars required. The band is perfect for stretching and static load exercises – perfect for yoga fans and dancers.

Exercise bands create no direct load on your back. When you squat with a barbell the entire weight of this equipment creates pressure on you and pulls you straight down. This is dangerous for your back and joints. Unlike iron, rubber bands resist when you stretch them. No need to push yourself to the limit – just find your comfortable position and stretch the band to feel your muscle work, but not hurt. Resistance bands are recommended for people with back pain and those who are recovering from the recent injuries. Physical therapists use resistance bands a lot while helping people to recover after muscle and bone injuries.

The band is quite compact – fits into your a palm when folded, and comes with a zip-pouch. Take it with you wherever you go, exercise everywhere and at any time. It’s like carrying your gym in a pocket.

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