Essential Oils Holder

What is a pleasure to make an aromatherapy session at home? You can forget all the worries about work, studies or in the relationship when the natural flavors are spreading in the air. Your mind is balanced, and the body is relaxed. However, you will not get a physical and spiritual harmony, if you can not find your favorite essential oils! Oh, it is a hard test, if the different bottles are in various places of your home. But we find a real rescue for you and anyone, who like aromatherapy and use oils — Essential Oils Holder. This wooden box helps to organize and keep all aroma flasks perfectly.

Advantages of Essential Oils Holder

Perfect sequence

The Essential Oils Holder helps you to find needed oil easily and keep it safe. This high-quality wooden box protects oils from losing therapeutic properties through light, humidity, heat, and exposure to air. It has dividers inside, which helps to organize and remove bottles. Thanks to the big size of 13.25 (Length) x 10.75 (Width) x 3.25 (Height) inches the capacity of this oil storage case includes 68 bottles in total: 58 slots for 5-15ml bottles upright, 12 slots for 10ml roller bottles in the slope. Unlike other bottles holders, the lid of Essential Oils Holder stays up when you open it. This box is suitable for most popular essential oil brands, including Young Living, doTERRA and Plant Therapy.

Space for your imagination

There is a blank canvas for your creativity and fancy. This wooden box is made without oil wax finish. It is clean and natural. The logo is also on the bottom. Thereby, you can make your own design: painting, staining, decoupaging, etc.

Colorful labels

Display all your essential oils beautifully with the Essential Oils Holder. This wooden storage case includes a kit of colorful labels. They are also durable, water and oil resistant. Everything you need to identify needed oil is to affix the label on the bottle top.

Relaxation keeper

The Essential Oils Holder is a good choice for beginners who start to collect their own aromatherapy healers or advanced essential oils users. You can select it for your family members, for friends or for loved one person. It will be suitable for birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversary, Mother’s Day, as a Thanksgiving Day gifts and a lot of other occasions or without them.