Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Aroma bracelets are one of the popular techniques of aromatherapy. It also belongs to the simplest methods of applying essential oils to get the whole spectrum of their properties. This product is definitely an example of creative gifts. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet by Jack & Rose is exactly what you need to surprise your beloved women.

Key features of the Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

This accessory is available in four color versions: tree, tree black, sunflower, and black. The design distinguishes with its tenderness and airiness. Besides, it is a kind of universal product because it can match literally any hand of a girl or a woman due to an adjustable snap.

Apart from the bracelet itself, the kit also includes eight reusable cotton pads of different colors, so you have an incredible opportunity to change it upon your mood and to match the presentable appearance of this accessory to any style of your look. Besides, these pads are super-convenient in use because they are reusable and you can wash it with water. The principle of operation is pretty simple: you just need to twist the lid to the left to open the cover and add two or three drops of essential oil.

The bracelet has a magnetic closure. This detail suits perfectly to keep a pad in the right place. The locket of this product is made of premium-class stainless steel which complements to the general durability of the bracelet. What’s more, you can open the pendant just with a single touch.

Pleasant aroma with you for 24h/day

Such an accessory will help you to create not only a unique atmosphere but also a magical mood. This product saturates the air with a delicate and flavorous aroma. However, the impact of the bracelet is not limited with the perfume-replacement function: you can use this accessory for the treatment of diseases, correction of emotional and psychological states, and prevention of infections, etc.

Besides, it is a more advantageous product than any aroma lamp because you can take it with you anywhere you go. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite aroma 24/7.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet by Jack & Rose has a beautifully wrapped box. This accessory is a wonderful gift for your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, etc. This item will surprise and gladden any fashionmonger. You can prepare such a present for numerous occasions, including birthdays, theme parties, anniversaries, and, of course, Christmas.

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