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Energy Stick

Give your loved child a journey to the exciting world of science via Energy Stick. Created with kids in mind, this STEM-toy is a perfect gift for discovering and learning new knowledge with pleasure.

Advantages of Energy Stick by Be Amazing! Toys

Safe studying of electricity

The Energy Stick is an exciting gift for explorers of all ages. Both funny and educational, this toy will teach you about open and closed circuits. Due to the design with a transparent tube and long-lasting LED lights, it shows how the energy is held. Just touch the tube with two hands and see the power of flash and noise. Release one of the hand, and see how energy is gone.

A great choice both for parents and teachers

The Energy Stick by Be Amazing! Toys is a great addition to studying. It helps to explore the nature of electricity through entertainment practice, rather than a boring theory. Just complete the circuit via two hands, and watch the illumination show of blue, green, and red lights. The foolproof design makes Energy Stick an excellent tool for classrooms, camps, group games, party and so on. After all, this toy can attract the attention of kids and combine the whole class together.

The magic of humans unity

The beginning of electricity magic is simple. It is enough to join hands and form the circle, where one of the participants grabs one side of Be Amazing! Toys Energy Stick, and the next person after him — clutches another side. As long as everyone is making contact via holding hands, the stick will flash and buzz. If anyone in the circle breaks the connection, the magic is gone. But do not worry, the stick will work again as soon as everyone holds their hands.

Exiting learning about insulators and conductors

The Energy Stick by the manufacturer Be Amazing! Toys will help your loved kids to learn the science of electricity by the exciting practice. Besides the magic of flash and circles, it also teaches about insulators and conductors. Thanks to this toy, your children can check the electrical conductivity of different materials.