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Energy Balls

Raw energy from mother nature

Give your loved ones the delicious portions of raw plant energy. If there are family members, friends, or colleagues in your life, who take care of health and body, they will absolutely enjoy Energy Ball by manufacturer Frooze. The variety box contains the six flavors for a healthy break during active life. Each packet of energy balls includes five portions. All of them are suitable for vegans and persons with gluten intolerance. We sure, your presentee will absolutely like the yummy balls with sweet cranberries, chocolate, nuts, coconut, lemon, and maple syrup.

Advantages of Energy Balls by Frooze

Plant-based ingredients

The Energy Balls by manufacturer Frooze includes no extra vitamins, caffeine or fake protein. All this because the company uses quality components in their bars that already consists of all nutrients. Due to the clean, raw ingredients, the Energy Balls can boost energy and cheer up.

Clean energy

Beyond doubt, take the Energy Balls with you for next adventure, activity or workout. These balls taste so delicious and look so good, thus you can to confuse them with ordinary sweets. But unlike sweets with empty carbohydrates, this bars has nutritiously benefits. So, you can eat them as breakfast, healthy brack, or post-workout snack.

Natural protein

Bars with natural protein are able to be the ideal snack for an active person. But they (bars) also can be a tricky body destroyer that sabotages your efforts of balanced diet and workout. Especially, if that snack dressed up to look healthy, but include harmful ingredients such as sugar and empty calories. Unlike such kind of snack, the Energy Balls by manufacturer Frooze give you not only empty calories but energy for building muscles.

Perfect gift

The Energy Balls by manufacturer Frooze is suitable as a gift for various occasions: birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. Beyond doubt, choose this product for yourself, loved ones, friends or kids.