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Emoji Toy

Let us fun begins with Emoji Toy by PROLOSO! If you are looking for a pleasant something for your little ones or good parent friends, these set of 24 little jumping men is a perfect choice. Select it to have enjoyable moments with your family members or coworkers. Emoji jumping toys will be great both for adults and children. Due to the sunshiny colors and friendly faces with various expressions, they can catch attention from everyone.

Key features of Emoji Toy by PROLOSO

High jump, incredible emotions

Bang bang! The fun is already here. The Emoji Toy by PROLOSO is made for your enjoyable time and your loved kid’s entertainment. Just push a little man down for starting their motion. Feel by your own experience, how incredible they fly into the air: press harder and the emoji man will jump higher. So, arrange the competitions of the highest jump between your friends or play alone — everything you want!

All is ready to go with you

The Emoji Toy by PROLOSO is able to make your fun everywhere you go. Thanks to the size of 1.8 (width) x 3.9 (height) inches the one little man perfect fits even in your pocket. This jumping and the bunchy toy will give the entertainment for you and your child during the long, dull waiting for instance.

12 emoji styles in the box

The Emoji Jumping Popper Toy is a ready-made gift for your son or little sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, a coworker of a good friend. It is delivered in the colorful paper package. Inside the box, you will find a bunch of 24 funny worm guys. Every second man in the team has different emotion on his face. So, get ready to present them immediately after receiving the purchase.