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ELSKY Electronics snap circuits

Physics is not among the most popular subjects at school. It associates with difficult terms and laws, formulas and strange-looking greek letters. Standard textbooks describe how our world functions in a purely scientifical way. However, a child’s brain doesn’t accept complicated explanations of everyday phenomena like gravity and friction force. How to make children get their heads around physics with a natural interest? What to do when it comes Watt, Volt, and Amperes ELSKY Electronics snap circuits will be right to the point.

Electronics Discovery Kit features

The set includes 31 parts to build real electronic circuits. The experiments include such working devices as lamp, music door bell,  electric fan, FM radio – together 335 alternative electronic projects.

All components are code-printed and colored for easy identification. Moreover, the manual lists each part with its scientific name and a graphical sign used in real electrical circuits and scientific books.  By the time they start teaching electronics at school, your child will already be able to read and tell circuit parts.

The manual presents electronic projects from essentials to more complex ones. Young learners will grasp lessons with a growing interest to build more and more advanced circuits. For example, the first lessons explain how a switch turns the light on and off. Later, the children are offered to assemble an adjustable light switch and a music alarm. After young learners have mastered their skills on simple circuits, they can use the components to build their own customized electrical projects.

The kit has everything to start an entertaining education. No tools required except simple 2 x AA batteries. Although the set is recommended for age 8+, parents won’t remain indifferent to this kit either! For more gift ideas, check out For Kids category!