Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Every music lover wants to enjoy the high-quality sound of their favorite music. But, unfortunately, the standard volume of the phone can not fully satisfy many users, so an external speaker would be an ideal addition. Echo Dot is a smart speaker with a voice assistant called Alexa. You can operate it completely hands-free. Ask to launch your favorite song, read an audiobook or check the weather. This is a perfect speaker to have in each rook on your house.

Key features of Echo Dot

The speaker can be synced with such services as Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and SiriusXM.

Echo Dot can set a timer, control different smart devices at home or even make calls. The connection is the same as with other speakers, via Bluetooth or audio cable.

This gadget is small and compact. Despite a large number of functions, Echo Dot weights only 163 grams.

The most amazing thing is that with the help of this speaker, you can order pizza or other food. it is able to call a taxi to your home.

Echo Dot saves the most expensive and non-replenishable resource in our lives – time. Thus, taking into account a moderate price of the speaker, it will pay for itself in a very short time. You can spend more time on important things, like communication with your loved ones. EchoDot will check the weather for you, order food, play music and make sure that you do not forget your dinner in the oven.

When thinking about the future we imagine some fantastic robots and complex gadgets. But to our mind, the future is here. You can talk to a thing that has the size of a tennis ball. And it will respond to you in a human voice and do staff for you simply by listening to your voice.

There is also a more powerful item on the market – Echo smart speaker.