Drink Cork Coasters Set

There are so much little things, which make our life easier and more comfortable. ‘How have I been doing without it?’ We ask ourselves since we use them. Cup coaster is a kind of such kitchen accessory. Drink cork coasters set ‘UMIPUA’ is a perfect buddy for home, cottage or office. 4 different patterns of round mandala will be suitable for any interior.

In addition, this set comes well packed, thus it can be a great gift idea for holiday or any occasion. Nice combination of stylish design and functionality makes it infallible gift for a friend, a co-worker or somebody special for you. Housewarming and many other occasions are relevant. By the way, environmentally friendly person will be double pleased to get the natural cork set. Do not hesitate to purchase it!

Key features

Drink cork coasters set includes 16 coasters and bamboo holder. Cork material is soft, lightweight, durable and damage resistant. Unlike ceramics, you don’t need to worry somebody can broke it accidentally. Kids safe, because it doesn’t have sharp edges.

Cork coasters ensure good protection of your table or desk. They are able to absorb moisture from the cold beverages and can withstand the heat from hot drinks. Low-risk for a furniture surface to be spoiled.

Large size makes it easy to fit any cup, mug or glass. Diameter of each one is 4 inches. Coaster doesn’t stick to the bottom of a cup. Moreover, both sides available to use.

It is possible to use cork coasters as a hot pad. Just put a few of them together to provide a strong support for a pot or pan.

Bamboo holder is a nice added bonus of the set. You can put the coasters into this holder to keep the table organized and clean. Easy and convenient to take them out when you need.