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Dream Water Sleep Powder

Dream Water Sleep Powder is the best natural sleep aid with non-habit forming ingredients, drug free.
Powder for sleep will be useful, first of all, to those people who often travel a lot. A multi-hour flight in a close airplane can be utterly tedious. The powder for sleep with melatonin is safe & natural. It helps to make the air travel more pleasant. With the change of time zones, biological clocks require time to get back to norm. In addition, melatonin can be taken by people who have problems with falling asleep.
The pack contains 10 sticks of  3 g each.


  • Fast action
  • Allows you to sleep well
  • Nutritional supplement for sleep and relaxation
  • Great taste
  • Convenient and easy to take with you
  • Does not contain gluten

Country of manufacturing is USA.
Dream Water can help you get quality sleep at home, on the road or in the air!