Double Ditto Board Game

Whether you are going to make a perfect family dinner, game night, birthday party, holiday gathering or vacations – this game is definitely for you. Perfect gift idea! Lots and lots of laughs guaranteed! Double Ditto board game by ‘Inspiration Play’ is an award-winning game for the whole family or friends. Great opportunity to involve the children since the players of all ages are welcome. Kids, teens, adults, and grandparents will have hilarious fun together. Works best for kids from 9 years old and up. 10 or even more persons are appropriate. The players interact with each other in a simple, positive way.

What is the object of this game?

Double Ditto board game challenges the players for quick thinking. The game includes 400 cards with different categories and subjects. It takes about half an hour to play one game. The rules are super easy and quick to learn. Take your turn as Ditto Master, pick a random card and read it aloud to a group. There is only 15 seconds for everyone to write down 2 short answers about the subject on the card. The answer doesn’t have to be correct. Anything that comes to your mind is suitable. Indeed, the more unexpected thing you write the more fun you get! But a trick is to come up with the  

Once time is up, all the players read their answers out loud. This is the best part to hear the answers and to check if they match yours. It appears to be so exciting to find someone with the SAME creative or ridiculous answer as you have! Lots of high fives will happen! Note that for one match, you get a ‘ditto’, and you score a ‘double ditto’ for two identical answers. Play more and more rounds as your desire.

A timer, the score papers, and clear instructions come with the game.