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Dog Water Bottle

An active dog is a big gladness and the big trouble for you? The canine friend gives you so much pleasure during outdoor activities, but you think about his wellness every minute? If this case is close to you, your friend, relatives or colleague — choose the Dog Water Bottle and forget your worries. With this portable dispenser, your pup wouldn’t drink unsanitary water and will not get stomach and health problems.

One hand operation

The Dog Water Bottle will make outdoor walking more restful both for your dog and you. Due to the ergonomic shape and special design, this model is comfortable to take and use with a single hand. The one-key lock helps to feed your pup by few easy steps:

    • Keep the water bottle in a horizontal position.
    • Slide lock button to the right to unlock latch and to start water flow.
    • Release button to stop water flow.
    • Slide lock button to the left to lock latch.

The Dog Water Bottle has a compact size of 8.3 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches of and weighs without water only 150 grams. Thanks to that you can take it in a small bag. Also, you can conveniently attach a bottle to your arm using a strap. This bottle holds to 12 oz (350 ml), which quite enough for hiking, jogging, playing and other physical activities. In addition, it is suitable for traveling by car or airplane trips with your pooch.

Quality material, leak-proof design

Be sure of the safety and health of your furry family favorite with the Dog Water Bottle. This portable handy dispenser is made of high-quality BPA free material. Moreover, the cup and trough are taken food grade and complied with FDA.

This travel dog bottle keeps your pup well hydrated without having to worry about leaking water inside your backpack. It has considered water key design with a seal rubber ring. Thanks to that it does not leak at all.