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Dog Treats

Every person, who has a canine friend, knows how hard to resist when it comes to sharing a bite of dinner with him. Unfortunately, human favorites such as chocolate, cookie or onion, which dog would like to sample, are not always good for him. And looking the health surprises can be a real challenge for dogs owner. But the gains are worth the effort, especially, if you find the Dog Treats by PetMio Bites. So, if you are looking for a beneficial gift for close to your pets lover, it is an adorable choice.

Advantages of the Dog Treats by PetMio Bites

Natural components

This product is a delicious pet treat with the Human-Grade. The Dog Treats by PetMio Bites includes only natural ingredients. There are 9 healthy components such as almond (butter and flour), banana, vitamin E, honey, pumpkin, eggs, coconut (unsweetened and shredded), cinnamon. The receipt also avoids artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, and colors.

Safe for dogs with allergies and gluten intolerance

Do not worry about stomach disorders or an allergic reaction of your lovely pup. The Dog Treats by manufacturer PetMio contain no ingredients that are based on grain. Also, there are no genetically modified ingredients in the recipe. So, do not lose the opportunity to choose this treats for your family favorites or present it to your friends, relatives, colleagues or other close to you canines owners.

Smart control

The Dog Treats is able to be a part of a healthy schedule of your lovely pup. Due to the PetMio application, you can create an individual dog’s profile and start to control his diet. The app helps the owners to know, how many treats per day your canine friends need for nutrient balance. It also has a food recall scanner for keeping your pet’s tummy safe. Moreover, the PetMio application can analyze any brand of canine food for FDA compliance.