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DIY Dollhouse

All girls like playing with dolls. What can be more exciting than making clothes and accessories, combing their hair and dressing up for plastic dinner meals with their plastic male prototypes? And of course, having a doll come back to its fancy dollhouse afterward.

Do you remember those plastic dollhouses from the 90s Barbie sets? Oversaturated with pink color and too much girlish. DIY Dollhouse offers young ladies not just to play with a small copy of a real garden house but assemble it themselves.

DIY Dollhouse looks just like a real one

Mini Garden House by ROBOTIME is a 3D wooden puzzle with a certain mission – to be an interactive and intelligent product for the fans of DIY products. Assembling the dollhouse takes approximately 20 hours and thus requires good concentration and patience. The easy-to-understand instructions explain how to set up the house and its interior step by step, however, the arrangement of the furniture and its color are all up to the assembler.

Set up your room

The kit includes numerous decorative objects that need to be glued together, tight or painted. Flower pots, shelves, wicker baskets, wall pictures, and many other accessories to decorate a fancy dollhouse.

Another thing that makes this mini house even more realistic is a tiny light inside. Turn it on and the dollhouse will look like somebody lives inside. Make the mini house a perfect decoration for the real one!

Concentrate on details

Focusing on something delicate like painting miniature drawers or putting up tiny shelves requires a great deal of concentration. 3D puzzles help you forget about daily routine and stress while the view of a finished item represents a well-done job. Focus on the details

As for kids, putting tiny parts together and arranging the toy furniture boost their creativity and develops hand to eye coordination. In the age of smart technologies, when kids do less handwriting and more touchscreen tapping, developing fine motor skills will soon become a problem.

6+ recommended age

The kit includes some little tools, a bottle of glue, pigment and a brush. No extras required except a battery for the mini light. It is safe and non-toxic. However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend DIY dollhouse for kids under 3. The set includes lots of small pieces that can cause a choking hazard.

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