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Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

From an early age, each girl imagines herself to be a princess not only in a fairy tale but also in reality. And what attribute is one of the most important for any princess? Of course, it is a beautiful dress. This is what a girl dreams to have if she wants to be a real princess. And if you really want something, then all dreams surely come true. Parents can make their little angels happy with Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk.

Key features of the Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

This kit includes twenty-one items. There are blue shirt and skirt for a Cinderella look, pink dress for an Aurora look, and yellow skirt with blue and yellow shirts to look like Snow White and Belle. The set impresses with its amazing accessories. It includes sixteen different items like rings, headband, tiara, etc. These accessories can become a zest to a princess-look.
Such incredible dresses help to add charm to any girl. These clothes allow teaching little women what femininity and elegance are. Wearing such a dress, even a romp turns into a little lady, because a stunning outfit makes her walk differently and even talk in another manner.

Childhood is an extraordinary period of life when everything is done and happens for the first time. And an elegant dress will bring your girl a lot of magic moments of joy and happiness. Many parents try to save these joyful moments in memory. That’s why these beautiful princess-dresses are an amazing idea for a photo session.

Make a fairytale live

The dresses for princesses are packaged in a nice trunk made of cardboard. It is decorated in the Disney-style. Besides, it has a closure which makes this trunk a great storage for different girly clothes and accessories. The clothes are suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years.

The elegant dress can be worn much more than just once. It is a perfect look for a girl to visit birthday parties of numerous relatives and friends. Besides, these dresses allow creating a unique look for holidays like Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, etc. This trunk can surely become a real treasure for any little fashionmonger.

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