Discovery Kids Camera

Your little one grabs your smartphone or camera for shooting every time? Maybe, the next top photographer is growing in your family! So, the Discovery Kids Camera is the best choice to protect his or her interest and explore new talents. Kid-friendly design and two modes will inspire your child to take a colorful photo or create a short video.

Advantages of Discovery Kids Camera

Perfect for small hands

Discovery Kids Camera is made with kids in mind. Due to the design with softly molded gripers, this entertainment toy perfectly fits even on small hands. The camera is also equipped with an integrated strap to prevent accidental fall.

Photo and video modes

Let your loved kid bring to life the photographer talent! Discovery Kids Camera is ready to take an exciting photo or record memorable video. Thanks to the special button this kids camera can easily change modes. So, your child will shoot every interesting moment. Everything that needs is to turn the camera on and press the shutter down. The longest time for video recording is about 1 minute.

Multifunctional button

Your little one worries about the blurry shoot? Thanks to the Discovery Kids Camera, will be sure that only quality photos stay in memory. The delete button helps to get rid of all faulty snapshots. Also, this button can be used as a zoom button. Just push it up to three times, and scale up objects for a photo.

LCD display

Let your loved kid save their interesting moment with the help of Discovery Kids Camera. This child-friendly gadget comes with a color LCD display that shows bright imagery. Therefore, your daughter or son will easily take a great photo.

USB connection

Do not doubt, digital camera by Discovery Kids will keep many pleasant times. Its internal 16 MB storage helps to save about 120 shots. You also can transfer all files from the camera onto the laptop or tablet thanks to the USB cable.