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Dimples Excel stress balls

Everyone who works hard feels his hands getting tired. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been tightening the screws all day or hitting the keyboard furiously. In the latter case, it’s white collars who often complain about soreness in their wrists. Typing a lot of text keeps your hands and forearms muscles strained for a long time. This can lead to a common nowadays problem called Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). After some time you start feeling soreness in your wrists and forearms, your hands lose their motility. Regular exercises with a simple hand expander will help to avoid such problems and stay more productive. But it’s more pleasant to warm up your hand and forearms muscles with Dimples Excel stress balls.

Stress balls for healthy and strong hands

Although stress ball is a general term for hand exercisers, Dimples Excel are not spherical, but more egg-like shaped. The set includes three ‘eggs’ with different firmness. The orange one has a 13,6 kg resistance level. It’s a soft exerciser to warm up your hand muscles between typing sessions or before an exercise with a harder stress ball.

The green-colored one is 18 kg resistant and will require some forearms strength. Regular exercises will make your forearms not only strong and rugged but also improve your grip. A tight grip is important in almost any workout whether it’s simple bar pull-ups or rock climbing.

The last black egg is the hardest one. 22 kg resistance will make you strain your hands so don’t grab it unless you can easily squeeze the orange and green ones.

A firm black stress ball is for more experienced users. The exercise sheet that comes with the set will teach you how to strengthen your forearms, wrists, palm muscles and even fingers. It’s finger joints that give us a fantastic sleight of hands!

Some technical details

Eggs stress balls are made of thermoplastic rubber. Its firmness and flexibility let the eggs keep their original shape after an infinite number of squeezes. The size of each egg is 4.3 x 5.8 cm, it feels good in your palm and won’t sleep out. Exercise in during coffee breaks, on the way to work or when lying idle In front of the TV.

For who

Stress balls will be a nice gift for your friend or colleague, who spend a lot of time at the computer. Tell them about the RSI and how many useful exercises they can do with Dimples Excel eggs. Elderly people will also like hand exercisers to keep their joints mobile as long as possible. If you know someone who is recovering after recent sports injuries – stress ball is right to the point!

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