DESTEK V4 VR Headset

Climb to the top of the grandiose Lyell Mountain and enjoy the majestic slopes! Destek V4 virtual reality headset with a 103-degree angle of view lenses will help you feel like a real climber – not just an observer. Climber, parachutist, cosmonaut – yes, anyone! Ergonomic design, lightweight, convenient controller and, of course, an image similar to IMAX for impressions – all this is Destek V4. All you need to do to operate the device is insert a smartphone with a screen diagonal of 4.5 to 6 inches into it.

Key features of the Destek V4 headset

The device features special Anti-blue Light HD Lenses. These lenses protect your eyes and provide super clarity of your viewing experience. Many users compare the experience with watching the IMAX movie. So would not you dream about your personal IMAX cinema at home in a warm, cozy atmosphere? Buy two sets for you and your partner and spend comfy evenings together without the need to go outside. So if it is raining or cold on the street, simply order some pizza, choose some nice movie and enjoy your great evening!

Another important feature of the Destek V4 headset is a special touch button. It provides a unique gaming experience.

A widespread problem of the headsets is connected to the comfort of wearing. Destek V4 face padding is made of special materials that are pleasant for the skin and help to avoid irritation. Special design of the strap reliefs pressure on the user’s head and nose.

A great feature of the Destek V4 is the ability to adjust the object/pupil distance. This feature will be valuable for the users that wear glasses. The user can adjust the distance in such a way that she does not need any glasses while using the device.  Even if you have a different condition for the right and left eye, the lenses can be adjusted separately to get the clearest view without your own glasses. So if a potential user has myopia, hyperopia or astigmatic, all these problems can be solved with manual adjustment of the device.

Destek V4 compatibility

  • the device is compatible with all iPhone models starting with 6th.
  • the device is compatible with all Samsung models starting with Edge 3.
  • all LG phones starting with g3 and s8 are supported.
  • Google pixel phones will suit this gadget perfectly.
  • Huawei phones are also supported, in particular model Mate 9 Pro.

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