Decodyne Whatever Wall Clock

Selecting a successful gift for a creative person is often quite a challenge. Such people usually do not like sophisticated gadgets. As a rule, they have everything they need or have no idea what they would like to get as a gift. So bringing them something unusual and funny can make sense and will raise their spirits up. So we recommend considering Decodyne Whatever Wall Clock as a gift for such a creative person whom you know. Especially if a person is often lat, this will be a funny reminder for them that time management is something they should work on.

Key features of the Decodyne Whatever Wall Clock

  • This clock measures a standard time with hours and minutes. The time is not sped up or slowed down. The time can be observed intuitively since the hands of the clock do not indicate any particular number.
  • The clock looks like a square with a black background and chaotically placed numbers of the hours at the bottom of the square.
  • The clock needs one simple AA battery. However, you need to purchase a battery separately. So if you want to purchase this clock as a gift, do not forget to include a battery so that the person who receives the gift will use it straight away.
  • This unusual wall clock will fit ideally any wall at the office or at home. Especially amusing it will be for those who are constantly late.

So if you have a wife who is often late or whom you should wait for half an hour every time you need to go somewhere together. Or if a person about whom you are thinking is not someone who manages their time effectively. Or you want to point out to your friend that they should pay more attention to following the time – give them this wall clock and make their day!

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